One method that may be used to help resolve disputes or disagreements during a divorce proceeding is mediation. Mediation is voluntary and non-adversarial, meaning each side has an equal voice – it is not a “he vs. she” situation.

Mediation provides you with the opportunity to negotiate your own divorce settlement terms or child custody and parenting arrangement.  Instead of allowing a judge to make the decision, you will have control over major life decisions.

Through mediation, a divorcing, divorced or unmarried couple is assisted in reaching an agreement that is determined wholly by the couple and reasonable to both parties, with the help of a neutral professional called a mediator. The mediator will help both people discuss their needs and wants so that an acceptable agreement can be forged without the need to go to trial. If you would like more information about mediation, a helpful consultation and guidance from an experienced divorce attorney is advised.

Mediation can have high financial benefits because it is generally less expensive than litigation. However, certain elements are crucial to a successful mediation. There must be full financial disclosure to ensure that both parties can enter into a good faith negotiation.

A sensitive mediator, usually an experienced attorney who has been specially trained in mediation, must ensure that both sides have their voice heard. In relationships where one person holds significantly more of the power and money, it can lead to unsatisfactory results without fair input from both parties. Though divorce mediation is not marriage counseling, it can have remarkably healing and therapeutic results for the couple.

At Marcus, Christian, Hardee, & Davies, LLP, we understand the difficulties you are going through. When you want to avoid litigation on a matter involving money, property or other marital dispute, our caring team can arrange for mediation that can be much more beneficial and cost-effective than going to trial. Our greatest concern is to obtain successful results and offer personal care to our clients.

Mediation is an excellent alternative to litigation in divorce proceedings.  However, it is critical that prior to attempting mediation you consult with an attorney to ensure that you are educated about Idaho Law so that you can effectively advocate for yourself.  Contact us at (208) 342-3563 as soon as possible to explore this option.